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    19 Weirdly Fascinating Pictures For You To Scroll Through While Quarantined

    "Like, whoa." —Aly & AJ, the great pop prophets

    1. These transition lenses caught mid-transition:

    2. This girl who has the same eyebrow gap as her ancestor:

    3. These curtains that look like they're straight out of Tentacle Acres:

    4. This certified Very Rare™ Chex Mix with boobs:

    6. This fidget spinner in motion!!!!!!!!

    7. These shapes that look like they overlap, but they actually don't (?!?!?!!):

    8. This squirrel with brown fur that looks like PANTS!!!!!!!!!!

    9. This college that used to be a shopping mall:

    10. This dog that looks just like his paw!!!!!!!

    11. This oh-so-satisfyingly straight line of bubbles:

    12. This window that seems to show all four seasons at once!!!!!!!!

    13. This perfectly symmetrical plant:

    14. These towels that look as though they belong on Sesame Street:

    16. The perfect — and I mean *PERFECT* —"25" in this person's hair:

    17. This worm navigating its way through a welcome mat:

    18. This black cat that looks like a shadow:

    19. And lastly, this rust that just so happens to look like a map of the world!!!

    H/T: r/MildlyInteresting

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