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    Here's How You Can Support Individuals In Ukraine By Buying Their Digital Art From Etsy

    This is a new, creative way to help.

    In the wake of Russia invading Ukraine, people all over the world are trying to find ways to support those affected.

    A group of protestors and a woman holding a sign that says, "Stop War in Ukraine"
    Sakis Mitrolidis / AFP via Getty Images

    Donations to charities and relief groups can be great, but many people are also interested in supporting affected individuals in a direct way.

    Two small boys and a woman walking with on a road with bags
    Peter Lazar / AFP via Getty Images

    If you're looking for a broader way to contribute money, BuzzFeed has partnered with to fund relief through vetted charities, which you can see here. Donations made to this fundraiser will be managed by, a 501(c)(3) public charity, which will be providing grants to vetted nonprofit organizations providing crucial humanitarian aid to those impacted by this crisis.

    One creative way people have been helping those affected is by purchasing from Ukrainian Etsy sellers — specifically from those who offer digital art or downloads that don't require physical order fulfillment.

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    In the last few weeks, people across the world have been buying digital prints, cross-stitch patterns, and more from these sellers, and leaving reviews with messages of support.


    Unlike physical products, once you pay for digital art, it automatically gets sent to you, and the seller doesn't have to "fulfill" any orders (which they could not do now as shipping has been shut down during the invasion). This way, you get cool, beautiful art, and the seller is able to make passive income during an unthinkably difficult time.

    Citytv /

    You can find these sellers by filtering for the shop location and searching for "digital downloads."


    Screenshot of Etsy filter for location

    Some of the most popular digital prints are designs specifically about supporting Ukraine, like this one from the shop Vpodoba, which you can purchase for either $4 or $20 depending on how much you wish to pay.

    Digital print that says, "Ukraine: We stand for all democratic world of peace and love"
    Vpodoba / Etsy

    Or this one from MiniMoms.

    Print with a bird on it that says, "Stop war!"
    MiniMoms / Etsy

    Others have decorative items like PrintsLandShop, a Ukrainian-owned abstract print shop, that sells gorgeous designs you can print out and frame yourself.

    A print alongside a ceramic vase and a glass vase with flowers
    Prints Land Shop / Etsy

    Another product type is downloadable cross-stitch patterns, like these from SoEasyPattern:

    Cross-stitch that says, "Please leave by nine"
    So Easy Pattern / Etsy

    One important thing to note is that you need to download the actual item from your order page once you check out; that way the deal can be complete and the seller can receive payment.

    Screenshot of Etsy showing where you can click the download button
    MiniMoms / Etsy

    So, if you want to help out those in Ukraine but aren't sure how, consider purchasing some beautiful digital art. I mean, who wouldn't want both lovely art and to have their money go to a worthy cause?!

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