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Here's All You Need To Know About Last Night's "Bachelorette" Finale, According To Twitter

"enjoy your terrible decision ma'am." —John Mulaney

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If you're like me, then you tuned into last night's season finale of The Bachelorette with a glass of rosé in one hand and a bag of flavor-blasted Goldfish in the other.

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So we now know that Becca chose Garrett and the couple are officially ~engaged~.

But before that, shit...






And of course, Twitter had A LOT of feelings about ALL OF IT:

my face when blake got off the boat first #TheBachelorette

the way Blake talks about Becca: -I’m so attracted to how strong & independent she is -I love the way we challenge each other -I can’t wait to be her equal partner the way Garrett talks about Becca: -she make me smile -her eyes r brown -my tummy firework #theBachelorette

Blake: "I'm attracted to how independent and strong she is" Garrett: "I like the way she says bag" #actualquotes #thebachelorette

Many talked about Garrett's now infamous line, "You give me eagles":

"Butterflies are small. You give me eagles" definitely sounded awesome in Garrett's stupid head. That was amazing. #TheBachelorette

#TheBacheloretteFinale Becca’s uncle: I think Garrett is a poet Garrett: You give me like eagles Me:

Garrett: you give me ... eagles. Bachelor nation: #TheBachelorette #TheBacheloretteFinale

Jason: Love is Love is Love Blake: Being a survivor of a school shooting really changed my whole perspective Garrett: You give me eagles #thebachelorette

Everyone felt for Blake, the runner-up, who was extremely open, honest, and vulnerable on the show:

I can’t focus on Garrett’s proposal because i can still see Blake’s beating heart on the dock next to Becca #TheBachelorette

During the commercial break I’ve made the executive decision that Blake would be a fantastic bachelor #thebachelorette

Me sneaking backstage to find sad Blake #TheBachelorette

And others had a bone to pick with the show about how they portrayed Blake's anxiety:

I’m not anti Garrett but I’m extremely disappointed in how #TheBachelorette painted Blake as mentally unstable and therefore unfit to be in healthy relationship. Insecurity is normal and we should be encouraging men to express their feelings bc if not we end up toxic masculinity

Becca saying that Blake's anxiety made her question his ability to be a good partner just absolutely triggered me that is so unfair to say??? #TheBacheloretteFinale #TheBachelorette

But in the end, people still longed for the affection of Joe the Grocer:

You know who wouldn’t have picked a yellow gold ring? #TheBachelorette

Oh yeah, and John Mulaney tweeted this:

And this.

enjoy your terrible decision ma’am.

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