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    23 Pictures That Prove All Twentysomethings Were Raised The Same

    Amelia Bedelia?! I feel ATTACKED.

    1. First off, literally anyone who was anyone read Stellaluna:

    u/its_xSKYxFOXx / Via

    2. And today, we twentysomethings draw a direct correlation between being diagnosed with anxiety and playing with these popping things:

    3. Three words: FRENCH. BREAD. PIZZA.

    u/moonbeen / Via

    4. We all wanted Arnold's room on Hey Arnold!:

    u/FungSchweeh / Via

    5. Everybody owned The Rugrats Movie on orange VHS:

    u/Iamplumbus / Via

    6. We all had this rug in our classrooms, but never actually played with toy cars on it:

    u/thatdudethatyeah / Via

    7. WE πŸ‘ ALL πŸ‘ READ πŸ‘ AMELIA πŸ‘ BEDELIA πŸ‘ and I have no further comment at this time:

    u/wolfkisss / Via

    8. When we lost a tooth, the nurses also gave us these lil' Tooth Savers:

    u/CTMOSHUN / Via

    9. We did this whenever we had unsupervised access to a needle:

    u/MonogamousMindy_ / Via

    10. BRAIN QUEST, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/Billowingclouds / Via

    11. Everyone drew landscapes like so:

    u/[deleted] / Via

    12. And we learned math with these cube-y things:

    u/RefrigMike / Via

    13. Quite literally everyone had this *iconic* Fisher-Price castle:

    u/cd_root / Via

    14. And this pencil case, don't @ me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u/FatSloppyPecker / Via

    15. We all collectively agreed that this was the "good" ice:

    u/joshman150 / Via

    16. And thought our teachers' pull-down maps were low-key cool:

    u/mmajunkie77 / Via


    u/anarachelb / Via

    18. We all read The Boxcar Children and kind of wanted to run away and live in a boxcar but didn't want to openly admit that because it was kinda problematic:

    u/derwiki / Via

    19. This windshield Lego was omnipresent throughout our formative years:

    u/[deleted] / Via

    20. We all did this with our lil' macaronis:

    u/Jeffrey_Strange / Via

    21. Zaboomafoo was honestly our first venture into nature ASMR:

    u/shellxvi / Via

    22. We all wanted to go to Nickelodeon Studios:

    u/[deleted] / Via

    23. And lastly, we had a deep fear and reverence for Miss Viola Swamp:

    u/RockinJack18 / Via

    H/T r/Nostalgia

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