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    14 First Messages That Left...Uh...LASTING Impressions

    "Noah fence, but..."

    1. When Taylor here was on 'shrooms:

    The new girl at work just sent me this

    2. This great observation:

    3. This honest mistake:

    4. This Grindr follow-up:

    me emailing my coworkers repeatedly after not getting a reply

    5. Noah fence:

    6. This attention-grabbing — albeit concerning — DM:

    7. This swing and a miss:

    8. When this match was glad the blonde was just a phase:

    I’ve been thinking about this all day... #Tinder #Dating #Toronto

    9. This ~stealthy~ slide:

    10. This smooth move by the grass cutter:

    11. This bit that just...was not received in the slightest:

    u/BoominLumens / Via

    12. "Show me how those t*ts f*rt":

    u/mike_pants / Via

    13. This foolproof opener:

    u/80sfortheladies / Via

    14. And lastly, this promise that we're all holding out for:

    This energy>>>>>>