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    17 Times Designers Just Really Let Us Down, TBH

    *receives MFA in Design* *smears poop on wall and justifies it artistically*

    1. This doorway for only the brightest of career people:

    u/Aatlatlatla / Via

    2. This marble keyboard cover that, contrary to popular belief, is NOT covered in filth:

    u/Stoplight25 / Via

    3. This product that's perfect for body builders trying to gain a...mmm...GIANT ASS:

    u/--LP-- / Via

    4. These leggings that every woman will get once she's sexually mature:

    u/HotDinnerBatman / Via

    5. This smizing model wearing a "TURD" shirt:

    u/virginmary93 / Via

    6. This ambulance garage logo with a very reassuring flatlining EKG:

    u/GhostOfMuttonPast / Via

    7. The concept of Braille on a rocky surface, like, as a whole:

    u/TheCarrot_v2 / Via

    8. These bathroom walls that look like someone smeared their...yeah:

    u/Xuhale / Via

    9. This thoughtful(?) Mother's Day gift:

    u/sheamonieux / Via

    10. The "s" in "shoes" that's virtually invisible from a distance:

    u/kijoja / Via

    11. This dining area that'll only allow entrance if you're truly crisp and/or juicy:

    u/Piglover17 / Via

    12. This razor packaging. That's it:

    u/SkyfooglexD / Via

    13. This very good, very worth-the-money seat:

    14. This bar of soap that wants you to be miserable:

    u/brovador / Via

    15. These gross-ass bathroom stalls that someone actually thought looked nice, I guess:

    u/jeffy983 / Via

    16. This set-up which allows you to turn off the lights and sanitize your hands AT THE SAME DAMN TIME (whether you want to or not):

    u/BenCorn4 / Via

    17. And lastly, this cute, lil' innocent design of dogs with bones:

    u/le852Duarte / Via

    H/T r/CrappyDesign

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