This Old Term For Unmarried Women In Their Twenties Was Just Rediscovered, And It's Fabulously Witchy

    Personally, I can't wait to be a Liberated Painmother.

    Recently, writer and avid Twitter user Sophia Benoit (aka @1followernodad) tweeted about discovering a word from ~ye olden days~ that, for lack of a better term, is f*cking icon*c:

    Like...THORNBACK?! Just saying that word, I feel my feminist powers level up!!!!!!!!

    So did the various spinsters and Thornbacks™ of Twitter:

    Based on this rediscovered term, people even began building a hierarchy of singleness — an Evolution of the Unwed, if you will:

    In conclusion, this:

    And also, THIS needs to be a thing!!!!!!!!!

    RISE, sisters, my coven of Thornbacks — it is time we UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!! 💅✨