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    A 73-Year-Old Woman Just Wrote The Sweetest Poem About Her Relative's Pronouns And OMG You Guys I'm CRYING

    "Let them be they."

    This is Theo — a writer, artist, and realtor from Minnesota who identifies as gender non-binary, using the pronouns they/them.

    Theo has a 73-year-old aunt who writes poems in her church writing group, and yesterday, Theo tweeted out this poem she wrote called "They," which is about accepting Theo's gender identity:

    My 73-year-old aunt wrote a poem about my pronouns in her church writing group and it’s the sweetest thing

    And basically, we're all SOBBING. Theo then went on to include some ~fast facts~ about their ✨fabulous✨ aunt who is CLEARLY a badass:

    Theo also took this moment to educate people who were confused by their pronouns by tweeting out these helpful resources:

    For those asking, “they” is a pronoun commonly used for nonbinary people. Here’s a primer on nonbinary identities: Here’s @MerriamWebster’s stance on singular they, which has been in use since the 14th century:

    Many people were touched by the poem and tweeted their support to Theo and praise to their aunt:

    Theo's aunt even inspired other people to write poems about their pronouns:

    It always warms my lil' heart when older people are accepting and supportive of people's gender identities. Bless Theo's aunt, their general badassery, her beautiful poetry, and all of you lovely non-binary folks out there! May you all have someone as wonderful as Theo's aunt.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to Theo for comment.