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    This Instagram Account Is Calling Us All Out For Posting The Same Pics

    Insta Repeat is COMING πŸ‘ FOR πŸ‘ US πŸ‘

    Soooo I just discovered the Instagram account Insta Repeat, and you guys, I'm SHARTING. It's basically a giant troll account to show how unoriginal Insta photos are, and frankly, we're all feeling quite ATTACKED.

    Like right now, everyone on a mountainside with a mug and a DSLR is, like, sooooy embarrassed.

    And anyone who's ever dangled their feet off of the Grand Canyon just to get The Shotβ„’? DRAGGED.

    Personally, I'm absolutely tickled by the unspecific, unenthused captions which truly shade every travel blogger to the nth degree:

    And what's more: The Insta Repeat creator, a female filmmaker who prefers to remain anonymous, only started the account in June and already has OVER 157,000 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!

    "As an Instagram user myself, I kept seeing what seemed like the same images over and over," the creator told BuzzFeed, when asked about her inspiration. "There were several images that I kept seeing so frequently and so similarly, the idea of putting them together just stuck in my mind."

    And the MOST common picture she's seen? "By far it's the 'person centered, alone in the wild.' I have to split this genre up into many different sub-categories because there are so many!"

    "The genre of accounts and images that I'm exploring on Insta Repeat are very popularity driven," she says. "It's all based on whatever gets the most likes and followers on Instagram."

    She adds, "By making this account, I've learned that popularity breeds homogeneity, not in high school."

    While she admits she's still figuring out how to run an evolving satirical Insta, she says: "I think the account is meant to be observational and spark critique and dialogue about originality, art, photography, and the role of the 'social media influencer.'" (IDK about you, but I wanna take a socratic seminar with this girl.)

    Overall, she says the response to Insta Repeat has been incredibly positive: "There are always a few salty comments on each post, but usually it sparks debate about originality, which I love. A bunch of people have really come to defend the project!"

    And OBVI I had to ask what ~new trends~ she sees in Insta's future: "Shots of people standing on top of their cars, people splashing water out of their camp mugs, solitary red houses in the wilderness, and highland cows," she says. "It's evidently a must to find and photograph one of these cows if you want to be popular on Instagram!!!"

    So, in conclusion:

    me: i'm a unique, creative, freethinking individual also me:

    Follow Insta Repeat for more of these posts and copious amounts of shade. πŸ’