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    22 Things That'll Make All Anxious People, Like, Really Anxious

    "You're an adult now, you can book your own doctor's appointments."

    1. "I know it's last minute, but would you kill me if we rescheduled?"


    2. "Let's play it by ear."


    3. "So now find a partner in the class..."

    4. "For the final, every group will be giving a presentation in front of the class..."

    5. "You're an adult now, you can book your own doctor's appointments."


    6. "I'm not mad at you. I'm just... disappointed."

    The CW

    7. "You need to relax."

    Disney Channel

    8. *loud, sudden noise*

    History Channel

    9. "Did you remember to lock the door?"


    10. "We need to talk."

    11. "I've heard soooooo much about you!"


    12. "Did you forget to take your meds today?"

    13. *two people shout over each other*


    14. "Can I see you in my office?"


    15. "Remember that thing you did in eighth grade?"


    16. "You're just being dramatic."


    17. "Just be patient."


    18. "Stop overthinking it."

    19. "I thought it might be a good idea if you met my parents."


    20. *sad song associated with deep-rooted personal trauma plays in local Starbucks*


    21. "So do you know what you're doing after college?"


    22. And finally, everybody's FAAAAAAVORITE line, say it with me now: "Just stop being anxious!"

    Jokes aside though, if some of these were a little too real for you, you may want to consult the following resources:

    * You can learn more about starting therapy here, since pretty much everyone can benefit from talking to a professional.

    * You can learn more about anxiety disorders here.

    * Here are little ways to be less anxious in general and here are some self-care tips.

    * And if you need to talk to someone immediately, the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255. A list of international suicide hotlines can be found here.

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