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Updated on Jul 14, 2020. Posted on Jul 12, 2020

Confess Which Struggle Meals You've Consumed And We'll Reveal Whether Or Not You're Going Through It

If you haven't made the Tortilla Nacho™, don't talk to me.

  1. First of all, have you ever made one giant "nacho"?

    u/bichola /
  2. Have you ever put Mini Oreos in a bowl of milk and ate them like cereal?

    u/Collinnn7 /
  3. Have you ever put one slice of American cheese on bread and then toasted it for a lil' snack?

    u/CollinLou /
  4. Have you ever eaten two kilograms of raw cookie dough out of a Tupperware container?

    u/TheHighway /
  5. How about some makeshift ramen?

    u/CupcakeCrumble /
  6. Have you ever eaten anything that looked vaguely like this?

    u/s311 /
  7. Have you ever had literally any of these?

    u/cadillac3 /
  8. Have you ever made Doritos nachos and eaten them off of a Tupperware lid?

    u/DaCaton /
  9. What about baking a giant cookie for one?

    u/Mateo_theFox /
  10. Have you ever eaten a ham and cheese "sandwich" on two rice cakes?

    u/Xnuclearwarhead /
  11. Ever made a wrap and been out of regular chicken so you used dinosaur-shaped tendies instead?

    u/BuachaillRua /
  12. And lastly, have you ever had a ***VERY RARE*** homemade corndog/sushi hybrid?

    u/FMChainsawTeddy /

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