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    21 Of The Absolute Best Senior Quotes From The Class Of 2019

    "High school — Well...just as I thought...Trash."

    1. Alexa:

    2. This ~educated Guess~:

    3. Just as I thought:

    4. This avid Redditor:

    u/bdstel / Via

    5. Blake, not to be confused with Ted:

    6. This quote that I need as a bumper sticker on my Prius:

    u/Cobble01 / Via

    7. This *classiqué* Office reference:

    8. *insert that SpongeBob meme here*

    9. This shout-out to the ever-loyal Quizlet:

    u/bboyrockss / Via

    10. This quote that singlehandedly destroyed any and all anti-vaxxers:

    11. The way this girl *BRILLIANTLY* discussed her hijab:

    12. Can someone pls decode this Wingdings/zodiac sign message?!?!?!?!

    u/notspoon / Via

    13. This tasteful homage to Brooklyn Nine-Nine:

    14. These two correctly finished the lyrics to "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" by Khia:

    u/vxyg / Via

    15. This absolute truth:

    16. The Curious Case of the TI-83 Pop-Tart™:

    u/infinitequails / Via

    17. This guy who came out of the closet more fabulous than ever!!!!!!!!

    18. This AirDrop enthusiast:

    19. Reminiscing on stummy pain:

    20. This girl who's still bitter about Zayn and honestly I get it:

    21. And lastly, this queen's CALL 👏 TO 👏 ACTION!!!!!!!!! 👏

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