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"After He Died, I Found Out My Boyfriend Cheated On Me" And 15 Other Secrets People Learned About Their Loved Ones After They Passed Away

Do you ever really know someone?

Sometimes after people die, hard truths come to light. Whether it's a deathbed confession or people just piecing information together after a loved one passes away, mark my words: The. Truth. Will. Come. Out.

Well recently, Reddit used u/inthe801 posted in r/AskReddit: "What is something shocking you found out about a friend or family member after they died?" And yeah, they're pretty unbelievable. Here are some of the wildest things they found out.

1. "I took care of my dad before he passed and handled his finances afterwards. In doing so, I found out my parents had been divorced well before I would have been conceived. That, plus the fact that I have blonde hair and blue eyes and all my siblings have dark hair and brown eyes, pretty much got the ball rolling, and I started to ask questions. My mom initially denied it, but after I came back with Ancestry results showing another man was my biological father, she came clean."


2. "My grandad was a farmer his whole life. Every animal loved him. We'd go to a new place, and dogs would be coming straight to him, horses would cuddle with him, you name it. He just had a charm with them. When cleaning out his closet and digging in his pockets to make sure nothing of value was thrown in the wash, we found grains, bits of dried meats, dog treats, and bits of old carrot (for the horses). Man's been bribing animals with food all his life."


3. "My uncle Jack was a quiet, mild-mannered man with a good sense of humor. He was a successful psychiatrist, highly respected in his field. Turns out he was also an OSS Agent during World War II. He never told anyone anything about what he did in the war. His two sons, an attorney and an army ranger, both asked him about it, and he wouldn't tell them a word."


4. "I met all four of my mom's boyfriends at her funeral. It was a surprise to them and myself."


5. "My dad gave up a 100% fellowship for a math PhD in order to work to provide for an unanticipated pregnancy (me). He really wanted to teach, and he was a natural. In the 60 years I knew him, he never mentioned the PhD or fellowship opportunity. Not once. I found out going through his papers after his death."


6. "My great-grandfather had not, in fact, been eaten by a bear on Mt. Rainier (he was a park ranger). Instead, he’d been cheating on my great-grandmother and was summarily run out of town by her brothers. He moved to Alaska, and nobody knew what became of him until we located his grave many decades later."


7. "We found a sex swing in my little Catholic grandma’s attic."


8. "My wife’s uncle was a field agent for the CIA. They would fly him and his wife to Italy, where they would swap out their IDs, issue them their cover IDs, and then fly them out to pose as Italian tourists."


9. "My grandpa had a secret family that he kept up with our whole lives and never said a word about. There were graduation pictures, Christmas cards, the whole deal."


10. "I found out my boyfriend cheated on me after he died. The only reason I found out is because the girl was bragging on Facebook about how she was the last person who got to taste his junk. I called her a liar, and she posted pics for proof."


11. "My great-aunt and uncle never had kids, so they treated me and my siblings like their grandkids. My aunt died 10 years ago this year, so I was looking up her gravesite so I could visit and saw a suggested link to a page about the grave of her child. I was very confused because I always just assumed they didn't want kids. Turns out they had had a son who only lived to be a few months old. It made me sad to think that they did want kids and either couldn't or wouldn't after their son died."


12. "My dad passed away in an accident four years ago, and it totally broke my mom and siblings. He and I never really got along, so I was sad but didn't take it nearly as hard as my family. A year after he passed, my mom gave me his old desktop when my computer died. I found out that he'd been cheating on my mom for years when I stumbled onto the folder where he saved every chat log, picture, video, etc. Most of them were only online, but he met up with one woman while he was out of town 'for work.' I've never told my family and don't think I ever will."


13. "I found out my father killed a guy when he was like 19. It was an argument over a girl. They gave him a choice of jail or the army. He chose the army, then switched to the Air Force, which he was in for 20 years."


14. "My great-grandpa on my dad's side lived to be 101. He was the pinnacle of health for his entire life — he ate a very good diet with basically zero sugar, got regular exercise, and had all his mental functions and senses even in his old age. The man was still walking everywhere and taking buses on his own until literally the day he died. After he was gone, my family went to clear out the house and get everything in order. My dad opened a drawer to find a hidden stash full of chocolate bars and wrappers. The dude was so proud of his health that he felt the need to hide a sweet treat from his own family."


15. "My grandfather was very wealthy, and I found out after he passed that he anonymously paid for hundreds of funerals in low-income parts of our town."


16. And lastly: "My grandmother dated Mr. Rogers in high school."


What shocking secret did you learn about a loved one after they passed? Share your story in the comments.

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