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    Scientists Are Using DNA Technology To Search For The Loch Ness Monster And Nessie Is Shaking

    When I say I gasped...

    YOU GUYS. According to Reuters, starting next month, a scientist from New Zealand and his team are conducting a D 👏 N 👏 A 👏 SEARCH 👏 in Scotland's Loch Ness to look for its ~elusive queen~ — YOU GUESSED IT — NESSIE!!!!!!

    Getty Images / Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

    And as someone who's watched every single amateur YouTube documentary on Nessie while I've been at home sick, I literally CHOKED when I saw "Loch Ness Monster" trending on FB this morning.

    Facebook / Syd Robinson / BuzzFeed

    The leading scientist — University of Otago prof Neil Gemmell — told TIME that he's "no believer in Nessie" (fake), but hopes he can educate others on the science of DNA testing throughout the process and end the dispute on some Nessie conspiracies.

    (Such as Nessie being a long-necked plesiosaur who somehow survived dinosaur extinction, or Nessie actually being just, like, a giant catfish or something...?)

    Coreyford / Getty Images

    Nessie, that you???????

    Abadonian / Getty Images

    ANYWAY, Gemmell and his crew will be testing the water for tiny fragments of DNA that get left behind when creatures swim around, aka Nessie's skin, feathers, scales, urine, the works. They hope to have answers by the END OF THE YEAR!!!

    Jiangli / Getty Images

    You know what that means, MY fellow Nessie stans: START PINTERESTING INSPO FOR YOUR LOCH NESS MONSTER-SIGHTING PARTIES!!!!!!!!!!


    In conclusion:


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