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    27 Real-Life Easter Eggs To Make You Say, "Wow, How Have I Missed That All These Years?!"

    Open your eyes, won't ya?!?!?!?!

    1. This lil' hidden lizzie on this Jeep:

    Little Egg On My Jeep Compass from IRLEasterEggs

    2. These ~~~cheeky~~~ jokes from British school books:

    CGP books (British school revision books) always have jokes sprinkled in, but always a little joke about the book on the back. from IRLEasterEggs

    3. This cable that compares itself to the wingspan of a pterodactyl??????

    Found while digging through some old CAT5 cables at work from IRLEasterEggs

    4. This cute lil' design moment from Cadbury:

    Cadburys snuck their trademark 'C' in the middle of their Roses' rose from IRLEasterEggs

    5. This itty bitty concrete Han Solo:

    Han solo stuck in concrete by the photography building at the University of Arizona.( Also posted this in r/mildlyinteresting but thought it belonged here too) from IRLEasterEggs

    6. This barcode on a grill that looks like — you guessed it! — a GRILL!!!!!!

    Weber is clever from IRLEasterEggs

    7. This literal ✨seal✨:

    The seal sticker on my bread has a picture of a seal from IRLEasterEggs

    8. This Cardi Bench™:

    Bench in Hawaii really likes Cardi Bench from IRLEasterEggs

    9. This pet store peek-a-boo:

    Jerry in the wall of a pet store from IRLEasterEggs

    10. This face wash that validated us all 😌:

    This face wash understands the limits to our motivation from IRLEasterEggs

    11. This lil' life hack for ya!!!!!!!

    Mom came by and saw me at work today. I looked down and noticed this. Shows remaining tread as the tire wears down. from IRLEasterEggs

    12. This Lite™ act of protest from the people over at Patagonia:

    Patagonia knows whats up from IRLEasterEggs

    13. This barcode that's just trying to fit in!!!!!!!!!!!

    The UPC on Cinnamon Toast Crunch is trying to blend in with the others squares. from IRLEasterEggs

    14. This extremely dapper fire hose thingy!!!!!!!!

    Fancy automatic fire sprinkler from IRLEasterEggs

    15. This tiny ode to the 30th century:

    The futurama boxes have 30th century fox from IRLEasterEggs

    16. This water jug with its many uses!!!!!!!!

    5 Gallon Water Bottle is Prepared for Anything. from IRLEasterEggs

    17. This Cow Tales box, complete with cutesy instructions!!!

    The back of Cow Tales candy box display from IRLEasterEggs

    18. Just...this sign:

    Little thing I noticed when I was in Edinburgh in 2017 from IRLEasterEggs

    19. Google's cryptic old slogan, but ✨inside a keyboard✨:

    Inside a Google pixel slate keyboard from IRLEasterEggs

    20. ALWAYS 👏 READ 👏 THE 👏 FINE 👏 PRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    Always read the fine print from IRLEasterEggs

    21. This residential nod to gamers everywhere!!!!!!!!!

    these tiles around this apartment complex is made up of enemies in space invaders from IRLEasterEggs

    22. This brownie pan that has made me crave a brownie like NEVER BEFORE...

    Turned our new brownie pan over to see if it had the dimensions written on it. Found this instead. from IRLEasterEggs

    23. This supplement delivery box with ✨BIG DREAMS!!!!!!!!✨

    My supplement delivery had a surprise on the bottom of the box from IRLEasterEggs

    24. This brilliant example of self-awareness:

    On the back of a bag of Nutritional Yeast Flakes from IRLEasterEggs

    25. This sweet shoutout to Phylis!!!!!!!!!

    Found at my local Fresh Market. Congrats Phylis and thanks for making the best ice cream! from IRLEasterEggs

    26. This solution for what to do with a 4-day-old baguette!!!

    Found on my baguette! from IRLEasterEggs

    27. And lastly, this sneaky lil' compliment tag 😌💕:

    Little compliment hidden on the tag of my wife’s new shirt. Thanks for the Monday pick me up! from IRLEasterEggs

    H/T: r/IRLEasterEggs

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