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    Bruley, "Queer Eye's" New Bulldog — Whomst Is He?!

    "Gay rights." —Bruley

    If you're like me, then you spent all weekend bingeing the new season of Queer Eye on Netflix.

    And furthermore, if you're a person of taste, refinement, and possess a keen eye for goob stimky boyes, then you noticed this nuggito pequeño and were like, "WHO THE H*CK IS THAT?!?!?!"

    Well, thanks to a little introduction at the end of Episode 1, we learned that the lil' French bulldog's name is Bruley, and that his owner — Queer Eye producer Michelle Silva — works down the hall from the Fab Five's Kansas City loft.

    Meet the GORGEOUS new member of the Queer Eye fam, Bruley!!! We are totally and completely obsessed with him and hope you'll all give him a warm welcome 🤗💗🌟

    And after doing some digging, I'm happy to say I have unearthed Bruley's Instagram***!!!!!!

    Bruley's Insta contains lots of presh behind-the-scene momes...

    ...begging for snaccos...

    ...and ample squidgeliciousness!!!!!!!!

    Bruley boye has garnered a loyal fanbase on Twitter as well:

    Bruley is my new favorite Queer Eye guy. He specializes in cuddles and being a good boy. I hope he gets his own spin-off. #QueerEye3

    You thought they couldn't make #QueerEye better. Then they added a dog #Bruley

    Bruley is the cutest guy on Queer Eye and I won’t be convinced otherwise.

    Antoni: *introduces Bruley in French* Jonathan: #QueerEye3

    When he's not busy running his Instagram, Bruley likes to nosh on deviled eggs during high tea. ☕

    And also pretend that he's watching the Queer Eye Heroes reveal their makeovers, but he's really just looking at the deviled eggs.

    "Gay rights." —Bruley

    WE ALL LOVE BRULEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 💖🌈💖🌈💖

    To keep up with Bruley and his adventures with the Fab Five, follow him on Instagram!!!