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    15 Roommates Who Are Just Trying To Make It Through Quarantine Without Bloodshed

    And they were roommates...and they were quarantined together.

    2. This roommate who did her best to support her newly-single cohabitant, but alas:

    just got dumped and my roommate is trying to make me feel better by playing cards with me but she just keeps winning and whispering “sorry”

    3. This one who found another way of asking the others to TAKE 👏 OUT 👏 THE 👏 DAMN 👏 TRASH!!!!!!! 👏

    4. This roommate who DID 👏 THOSE 👏 DISHES 👏:

    My roommate is on shrooms and she’s been washing the dishes for the last 2.5hrs lmaooooo

    5. This roommate who was captured in his ~business attire~:

    6. This roommate who insisted on making list-writing a group activity for some reason(???):

    *quarantine day 6* roommate: should we make a list? me: of what? roommate: anything really...

    7. This guy who just played a lil' prank, that's all!!!

    8. This roommate who celebrated their roomie's socially distanced birthday:

    9. These roomies who ~~~flipped the switch~~~:

    #FlipTheSwitch Me and my roommate. I hate this challenge already...

    10. This roommate who simply enforced the rules:

    11. This roommate's mom who sent over a thoughtful Easter basket for the whole house!!!

    12. This super helpful roommate who "fixed" his roomie's phone:

    13. This one who was quite punny about the "handle" spelling error:

    14. This roommate who was sick of the stay-at-home orders being disregarded!!!!!!!

    Two of my roommates keep seeing their boyfriends. Not only are they not social distancing, not only do the boyfriends come in our house, but also, the boyfriends are ugly.

    15. And lastly, IDK, but I'll just leave you with this cryptic thought:

    are you ever like. wait i’m someone’s weird fuckin roommate

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