This Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses With Service Dogs And It's Totally Heartwarming

    "Having a disability is not tragic or shameful or problematic — it's a part of being human and something many of us do or will experience."

    New York-based artist Arien Smith is fighting the stigma around invisible disabilities — how, you may ask? — with Disney princesses and service dogs, that's how!!!

    Smith, who suffers from PTSD, a chronic physical illness, and a dissociative disorder, sees his art as a way to raise awareness for invisible disabilities and the importance of service dogs.

    Since each of the princesses has her own unique story, Smith found it easy to think of disabilities that matched each of their experiences:




    Snow White




    "I'm also hoping that, with these images and posts being shared, people will start to understand the diverse roles service dogs can have," Smith said. "And in addition to that, not judging people for having 'fake' service dogs, just because their disability isn't visible."

    Smith is currently fundraising to get a service dog of his own.

    He's also working on a line of service dog-inspired tarot cards which you can back on Kickstarter here!

    Learn more about his work here!