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    16 Pictures That Just Might Make You Risk It All While Quarantined

    Ask yourself: Are you ready to risk it all?

    1. This carton of ice cream:

    day 4 of quarantine..... bout to risk it all

    2. This dollop of peanut butter:

    day 4 of quarantine and i’m about to risk it all ladies

    3. This squashed Reese's cup:

    Day 10 quarantine. sat on my Reese’s Cup & almost risked it all

    4. This turkey sandwich:

    day 7 of the quarantine: I’m about to risk it all for this sandwich

    5. This little bonsai tree:

    Day 10 of Quarantine: This plant finna make me risk it all😭

    6. And this *OTHER* bonsai tree:

    Day 2 of quarantine: This bonsai better chill tf out

    7. This couch:

    day 11 of quarantine: my couch is starting to look kinda thick

    8. This butter:

    day 6 of quarantine..... bout to risk it all

    9. This strawberry:

    Day 12 of quarantine: this fruit bout to make me act up

    10. This jar of peanut butter:

    Day 5 of quarantine and im about to act up and risk it all 🙀🙀😼😼

    11. This partially deflated balloon animal:

    Day 2 of quarantine: about to risk it all.......

    12. This rip:

    Day 5 of the quarantine... boutta risk it all

    13. This chair:

    day 8 of quarantine: my chair asking for it

    14. These ceiling lights:

    day 8 of quarantine: im about to risk it all

    15. This cookie:

    Day 4 of quarantine: I am starting to see things, things I regularly would not see on the regular. But. This cookie........ 😋😏

    16. And lastly, these suds:

    Day 7 being home, i think im seeing things #coronavirus

    Bye! Have fun quarantining!