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    Updated on Mar 5, 2019. Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    21 Pictures That'll Make You Say "Whooooooooa, WTF?!"

    "Whooooooooa, WTF?!" —you while reading this, most likely

    1. This TRIPLE BANANA:

    u/BanalPlay / Via

    2. This car that looks just like an HDMI input:

    u/pandaismymuse / Via

    3. The CLIF Bar cliff:

    u/AnGabhaDubh / Via

    4. This two-colored rose that DEFINITELY possesses magical powers:

    u/inphosphorescence / Via

    5. This ~fresh~ tattoo scab:

    u/heyrebel / Via

    6. This log that looks like a LITERAL horse head:

    u/pink-weasel / Via

    7. This teeeeeeny tiny figurine that's been painted over throughout the years:

    u/kart22 / Via

    8. The alphabet chewed out of pretzels:

    u/Mashpoe / Via

    9. This rock that looks like a loaf of bread LOL:

    u/JoshPlaysUltimate / Via

    10. This finger that lost its crease after not using its knuckle for four months:

    u/hednik4am / Via

    11. This glue that dried inside the bottle cap:

    u/sayfee / Via

    12. That plastic bag that suspiciously looks like a cat:

    u/ketiqber / Via

    13. This caterpillar that undeniably has penguins on its back:

    u/XxXtoolXxX / Via

    14. This curl that forms the number five:

    u/FiezJam / Via


    u/ROXIS_GAMING / Via

    16. This towel that PERFECTLY *kisses fingers* matches the bathroom tiling:

    u/SpyPies / Via

    17. This lil' piano made of random rocks:

    u/timotyjh / Via

    18. These scars that just don't seem to sweat:

    u/Thetacticaltacos / Via


    u/Jeph_Diel / Via

    20. This rainbow-beamed block of solid cheese:

    u/beetlecakes / Via

    21. And lastly, this creepy-yet-satisfying phone case coinkydink:

    u/iamnotchris / Via

    H/T r/mildlyinteresting

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