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21 Pictures That Won't Make Sense Unless You're A Gen Zer

Me: I must assert my dominance. *immediately T-poses*

1. Today, these dashes are instant eye roll-inducers:

u/SuperEzIoNe / Via

2. Men's crop tops are a cute summery ~lewk~:

3. We eat our ice cream in the form of brightly-colored, Insta-worthy rolls:

4. A good portion of us Youths™ follow this 9-year-old on the 'gram:

5. These "pants" are actually available for purchase:

6. This headline isn't a fucking joke:

7. We take pics with HujiCam, which makes our shots look ~vintage~ and dates them back to 1998:

8. Spotting one of these boys causes an instant wave of relief to wash over us:

Epic Games

9. We consider this highBROW (lolz) art:

10. We SWEAR by this gorge Snapchat filter:

11. We edit every picture on VSCO, obviously:


12. This is a ~trendy~ tattoo:

13. Our burgers are made out of plants:

14. Lil Pump's sweater-bling combo is the epitome of pop culture style:

15. We regard this as one of the *~BEST~* feelings:

u/TheSmellOfPurple / Via

16. This stuff is, like, weirdly addicting...?

17. This is how one asserts dominance in today's culture:

18. We wear these kind of glasses unironically:

19. We follow a glorified Sim on Insta and Spotify:

20. We're obsessed with intricate latte art:

21. And lastly, we quote our favorite old TV shows:


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