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Updated on Feb 19, 2019. Posted on Jun 25, 2018

15 People Who Really Nailed The Whole Anniversary Thing

Heart: burst. Bar: raised.

1. This boyfriend who really went above and beyond with this anniversary gift:

My boyfriend has taken a picture of me on every single date we’ve been on in the last year. I didn’t know why but for our anniversary he gave me this book😭😍

2. This couple who celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary — where the gift is traditionally platinum or china — by getting China, the German Shepherd pupper:

u/adalab / Via

3. This couple who got each other the same card:

u/mikab00 / Via

4. And this couple who just so happened to get each other embroidered family portraits:

u/myworkaccountatwork / Via

5. These high school sweethearts who recreate their first date every year (complete with letterman jacket):

u/TostitosHabanero / Via

6. This couple who just keep re-gifting this bear to each other:

u/Lunabeanknox / Via

7. These lovebirds who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary by recreating the beginning of Up:

8. This significant other who handmade this lovely ~Anniversary Time~ card:

u/Mirifical / Via

9. This wife whose husband *HATES* sappy anniversary cards:

u/mrod0410 / Via

10. Whoever did THIS:

u/RespectableName / Via

11. This couple that celebrated "21 Years of Adventure Together":

u/Ken_Thomas / Via

12. This boyf who's trying not to be too ~cheesy~:

u/thankuall4that / Via

13. This couple who open a wedding advice submission every anniversary:

u/limendacoconut / Via

14. These two who took this pic on their 60th anniversary:

u/Haminthepaint / Via

15. And finally, the couple who met at the dog park and consequently celebrate their dogs' anniversary as well:

u/keatno_pizza / Via

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