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    15 People Who Are Off To A Rough Start With Dating In 2019

    "You've been liked by 25,000 people since joining Tinder. 2019 is gonna be your year!"

    1. This wife who loves to HYPE 👏 HER 👏 MAN 👏 UP 👏:

    My husband was complaining, saying that I don't post him on social media...blah blah blah,so here he is

    2. This guy who stunted on these br*ke b*tches after getting rejected:

    Yesterday she said "No" so am wearing my Shit 💔💔

    3. This person who shot their shot in 2019:

    u/igains27 / Via

    4. This guy who spoils his lady when she's sick:

    ladies get a man tht treats u like a queen when ur sick

    5. This girl whose reaction was caught right before midnight...

    This is the greatest photobomb of all time also ps I’m getting married

    6. ...and this guy whose misfortune was caught right at midnight:

    I hope your 2019 starts off better than this guy's

    7. These flirtationship experts:

    8. This guy who's pulling out his connects for a perspective lover:


    10. ...........Karen.................

    u/grivera12417 / Via

    11. This grandma who is literally Ms. Steal Yo "Friend":

    My grandmother has a new “friend” at her retirement community. He takes her shopping and to get her hair and nails done. She told me that his wife doesn’t mind because she has Alzheimer’s. Ma’am.

    12. These two who took this Tinder convo in two very different directions, which I honestly respect:

    u/imjustadudeguy / Via

    13. This girlfriend who lovingly supported her boyfriend's fashion experimentation:

    14. This vegan who set herself up for an early defeat:

    u/among_shadows / Via

    15. And finally, this girl who received a lil' optimistic (...?) reminder:

    Idk how tinder did it but this is by far the most depressing notification I’ve ever received

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