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23 People Who Are Proooobably Having A Tougher Go Of It Than You

Like, waaaaaay worse.

2. Whoever left this passport behind:

5. This girl who really got the short end of the stick here:

7. This guy who just found his old wallet after canceling all of his cards and getting new IDs:

9. This guy who must firmly believe that it's the thought that counts:

10. This person who is *quite literally* allergic to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

11. This new teacher who is having a rough first day:

12. Whoever had this real-life Kevin from The Office moment:

13. This guy whose hair clippers straight-up died:

16. Whoever is attempting to solve this puzzle:

18. This guy who finally got around to doing his laundry:

20. This person who sneezed while curling their eyelashes:

23. And lastly, this passenger who discovered this AFTER the flight:

H/T r/Wellthatsucks