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    Updated on Nov 4, 2019. Posted on Oct 27, 2019

    17 Times Old People Were The Best Facebook Users

    Voice dictation, blissful ignorance, TYPING IN ALL CAPS — this post has it all!

    1. This absolutely ~ICONIC~ weight loss announcement:

    u/_raouldukee / Via

    2. This absolute *gem* of a Facebook Marketplace listing:

    u/walterfilbert / Via

    3. This plant, George:

    u/_teadog / Via

    4. This "WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU ON MY PAGE?!" moment:

    u/_PinkPirate / Via

    5. This paisley abdomen listing:

    u/ewolamme / Via

    6. The classic Attorney General Threat™:

    u/idkwhat-to-put / Via

    7. This absolute BOMBSHELL that was dropped in the comments:

    u/Irondog245 / Via

    8. Voice dictation, in all of its glory, paired with this profile picture is just...unfathomable:

    u/dallydude825 / Via

    9. ...F:

    u/deadsocial / Via

    10. This Post-Prune Regret™:

    u/ColonelGoose / Via

    11. This kind birthday exchange:

    u/kingevanxii / Via

    12. RECIPES 👏 FOR 👏 CREAM 👏 OF 👏 CORN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    u/RCGNZR / Via

    13. This concise yet loaded bio:

    u/VISSERKISSz / Via

    14. "Free down loaf":

    u/oh-rosie-oh-girl / Via


    u/Reden233 / Via

    16. This playful use of "leaf"/"leave":

    u/themsdopeplants / Via

    17. And lastly, this photo that demonstrates expert-level photography techniques:

    u/bread_berries / Via

    H/T: r/oldpeoplefacebook

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