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    27 Helpful Hacks And Cheat Sheets For Anyone Who Works In An Office (Or Is Currently Working From Home But Will Inevitably Return To An Office)

    "As per my last bookmarked page..."

    1. This chart with different ways to politely and professionally turn down unpaid work offers:

    2. This step-by-step guide to onboarding new employees in the most helpful way possible:

    3. Here are some ways to sound more professional in emails:


    Credit: Dani Donovan

    5. For any introverts out there, these are some good ways to mentally prepare for speaking up in meetings:

    6. And on the topic of being an introvert in the workplace, here's a little guide to navigating socializing at office parties:

    7. This list has 250 (!!!!!!!) phrases you can use at work to build better workplace relationships:

    8. And here are 12 phrases that are definitely best avoided:

    9. This guide tells you everything you need to know about work dress codes:

    10. Here's this little outline for how to work towards your dream job:

    11. This chart is all about different kinds of bosses and how you can best work for them:

    12. If you're going for a raise, these are some pretty good ways to advocate for yourself!

    13. Here are some hacks for staying healthy and active while on the clock:

    14. This chart suggests some ways to manage negative thoughts and feelings about work:

    15. This chart is more for managers and bosses, but it shows how to build trust with employees, which is VERY important!

    16. Here are some telltale signs of job burnout to be cognizant of:

    17. Whether you're back in the office or still doin' ye olde WFH, this illustration shows the best desk setup for your posture:

    18. In case you get tripped up with all the different video conferences you're called into, this handy-dandy chart shows how to know whether you're on camera with your mic on or not:

    19. If you're in a position where you sometimes need to be the bearer of bad news, this might be a good chart to keep bookmarked:

    20. Here are some ✨keyboard hacks✨ for anyone who works at a computer!!!

    21. And ✨Microsoft hacks✨:

    22. And, of course, ✨Excel hacks✨:

    23. Here are some things coworkers can do to support other coworkers from underrepresented groups:

    24. These are some packing tips for your next business trip:

    25. This chart shows how to pitch data quality, if you're a data person or whatnot!

    26. Here are some ways to deal with/address difficult managers:

    27. This is a good example of a resignation letter if you're trying to figure out the best way to tell your boss you're quitting:

    28. And lastly, this chart is just a friendly lil' reminder of how to keep employees happy at work. It can't be said enough!

    H/T r/coolguides