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    16 Off-Brand Halloween Costumes That Escaped A Lawsuit By Liiiiiiiiiterally A Hair

    That settles it: I'm being an Annoying Indoor Dweeb™ this Halloween.

    1. First up, we've got Unusual Events, starring Bobby Millie Black as Twelve!

    2. And this _Stranger Things _knockoff "red pill, blue pill" situation:

    3. This costume that is actually very funny and creative in its own right:

    4. The versatile number:

    5. Aah, ✨Supportive Burger Wife✨:

    6. Annoying Indoor Dweeb™ from The Big Bong Theory:

    7. Hungry Rebel Girl feat. lots of used garments, but one (1) new bow and arrow:

    8. EVIL 👏 PRANKSTER!!!!!!!! 👏

    9. Stripy Boy™:

    10. And of course, Stripy Boy™'s distant cousin:

    11. Our beloved Aquahero:

    12. It's Juice Demon, babes!

    13. I've got five words for ya: 90s. Digital. Martial. Arts. Hero.

    14. Wow, little to no effort here:

    15. _Hmmmm..._alright!

    16. And finally, I leave you with Mr. Smile 😌💖:

    H/T r/crappyoffbrands