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    19 Weirdly Satisfying Pictures That We Can File Away As NSFW Organization Porn

    *Dissociates into a sea of shapes and colors.*

    1. This basement of some true Type A Legend™!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Whoever organized these Jarritos needs a tender lil' forehead kiss, me finks:

    3. This tin of cards that just, like...shivers:


    5. This art teacher who did THIS:

    6. This binder that has me ready to risk it all, IDK.......:

    7. This aisle of ✨beer✨:

    8. These Fruity Pebbles that are a little too mesmerizing for breakfast cereal, no?

    9. These mind-melting bookshelves!!!!!!!!!

    10. These wires that I could genuinely stare at for hours and never get bored...?

    11. This immaculate silverware drawer:

    12. This DVD organization that actually probably makes it impossible to find a specific movie, but, looks cool!!!!!!!

    13. This hardware kit that is packaged both satisfyingly and BRILLIANTLY...?!?!?!?!?!

    14. This box of chalk that just looks the way a head massage feels, if that makes sense?

    15. This delectably color-coded party store:

    16. These perfectly sorted puzzle pieces:

    17. These peppers!!!!!!!!!!

    18. These gorgeous lil' gemstone bbs!!!!!!!!!!

    19. And lastly, I leave you with two words:_ RAINBOW 👏 YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏_

    H/T: r/oddlysatisfying.