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    15 Things Millennial–Gen Z Cusps Will Totally Relate To

    "Millennial–Gen Z cusp culture is drinking a White Claw out of a Hydro Flask."

    1. We all know who REALLY paved the way for VSCO girls:

    picnik girls walked so vsco girls could run

    2. We all had a Facebook photo album called "school" (or "skool", "skewl :)", "sChOoL", etc.):

    late 2000s teen culture was bringing a digital camera to school to take pics of your friends sitting next to lockers and then uploading them to a facebook album called “school” later that day

    3. We're starting to realize our younger siblings aren't talking about that Ke$ha song:

    you know there's a generation gap when kids are talking about tik tok and you realize they're not talking about the pop classic Tik Tok by Kesha released in 2009

    4. We fuck with saving the environment AND being of legal drinking age!!!!!!

    Millennial/Gen Z cusp culture is drinking a white claw out of a Hydroflask

    5. "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran holds a special place in our hearts and in our iTunes libraries:

    millennial/gen z cusp culture is plugging your phone into any aux and having the a team immediately start playing


    Drinking at a Jonas brothers concert is a DIFFERENT VIBE

    7. We're on Facebook, but we're not, like, ON on Facebook:

    being a millennial / gen z cusp just means maintaining @ least somewhat of a facebook presence while also having a finsta

    8. While we don't really relate to a lot of Gen Z trends, we don't totally NOT relate to them, either:

    after careful consideration, i do not consider myself a vsco girl. instead, I am vsco-girl-adjacent™️

    9. We count playing The Sims as a productive and beneficial part of our formative years 😌:

    Very excited to one day tell my children that Instagram and twitter did not exist when I was a kid so I did more productive, beneficial things like play the original Sims in a dark room for eight hours straight

    10. We have great senses of humor, actually!!!!!!

    "This generation can't take a joke" Our entire generation laughs at fucking internet memes all day long we just don't like racist jokes

    11. We're at the point in life when we officially have all of these!!!

    By the time you’re in your 20’s you should have a: -job you’re underpaid at -anti depressant prescription -Conspiracy theory you unironically believe -sense of impending existential dread

    12. We're master multiplatform conversationalists:

    Millennial/Gen Z culture is having 3 different conversations with one person across multiple platforms

    13. We've said "No problem" to a barista when there was, indeed, a problem:

    millennial/gen z cusp culture is saying “no problem” after your barista fucks up your drink because you really don’t want to stress her out and it’s just not worth you’re time to be upset

    14. We rely on YouTube for any and all product reviews:

    true millennial/gen z cusp culture is watching reviews of vacuums on youtube before buying one

    15. And lastly, we were the target demographic during the Disney Channel's controversial and ~experimental~ phase:

    i used to think this was disney but for people who could skateboard