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    People On TikTok Are Sharing Their Most Meaningless Tattoos, And Suddenly, Life Has Meaning Again

    "I have a tattoo of a bee on my boob... It's my BOOB-BEE."

    Recently, TikTok user @pigeonsandfries asked the good people of the app to show him their most meaningless tattoos.


    I wanna see some cool “just because” tattoos!

    ♬ original sound - ✨🌜Elleot🌞✨

    "Growing up, I was always told that tattoos should have meanings," he said. "So stitch this and show my your most meaningless tattoo."

    Here are some of the most fruitful stitches that came from this blessed TikTok that prove, once and for all, that tattoos actually ✨DON'T✨ need to have meanings!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @slimdavie's knee tat:

    2. @babyyspoons' block of cheese:

    3. @anniebearblue0304's Tramp Stamp™:

    A stamp with a pic of Tramp from the film "Lady and the Tramp" inside of it

    4. @ddrmoshpit's "bearded lady":

    5. @ewrinsmith_brainrot's butt coffin:

    6. @nicemichael's cockroach eating a Krabby Patty:

    7. And also his rendition of ✨Walter✨:

    8. @vedaclark's simple yet poignant "Beans" 😌:

    9. And her tat of Jay Bilzerian of Big Mouth fame:

    10. @kalayle's Boob Bee™:

    I have a tattoo of a bee on my boob. It's my BOOB-BEE!"

    11. @thatbutchbimbo's "snake plant" tattoo:

    12. @teresareichl's underboob conversation starter:

    13. @sionedfreer's "toes":

    14. And lastly, literally all of @bijan888's tats, but honorable mention goes to Mike Wazowski:

    Do ✨YOU✨ have any wonderfully meaningless tattoos? If you do, please please PLEASE send us pics and a quick background story (if necessary) in the DropBox below! Maybe — just MAYBE — we'll share some of them!!!!!!!