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    People On TikTok Are Sharing Their Most Meaningless Tattoos, And Suddenly, Life Has Meaning Again

    "I have a tattoo of a bee on my boob... It's my BOOB-BEE."

    Recently, TikTok user @pigeonsandfries asked the good people of the app to show him their most meaningless tattoos.


    I wanna see some cool “just because” tattoos!

    ♬ original sound - ✨🌜Elleot🌞✨

    "Growing up, I was always told that tattoos should have meanings," he said. "So stitch this and show my your most meaningless tattoo."

    @pigeonsandfries /

    Here are some of the most fruitful stitches that came from this blessed TikTok that prove, once and for all, that tattoos actually ✨DON'T✨ need to have meanings!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @slimdavie's knee tat:

    @slimdavie /

    2. @babyyspoons' block of cheese:

    @babyyspoons /

    "It says 'Never say when,' like when you go to Olive Garden and they're grating cheese and they're like, 'Just tell me when!'" @babyyspoons explained. "No. I'll never say when."

    3. @anniebearblue0304's Tramp Stamp™:

    A stamp with a pic of Tramp from the film "Lady and the Tramp" inside of it
    @anniebearblue0304 /

    4. @ddrmoshpit's "bearded lady":

    @ddrmoshpit /

    "It's a bearded lady with a REAL beard!!!" the user said of their armpit ink.

    5. @ewrinsmith_brainrot's butt coffin:

    @werinsmith_brainrot /

    6. @nicemichael's cockroach eating a Krabby Patty:

    @nicemichael /

    7. And also his rendition of ✨Walter✨:

    @nicemichael /

    8. @vedaclark's simple yet poignant "Beans" 😌:

    @vedaclark /

    9. And her tat of Jay Bilzerian of Big Mouth fame:

    @vedaclark /

    10. @kalayle's Boob Bee™:

    I have a tattoo of a bee on my boob. It's my BOOB-BEE!"
    @kalayle /

    11. @thatbutchbimbo's "snake plant" tattoo:

    @thatbutchbimbo /

    "Like yeah, I like plants and gardening, but I'd be lying if I told you I didn't get it exclusively for the pun," they said.

    12. @teresareichl's underboob conversation starter:

    @teresareichl /

    It says, "Hi, no?"

    13. @sionedfreer's "toes":

    @sionedfreer /

    14. And lastly, literally all of @bijan888's tats, but honorable mention goes to Mike Wazowski:

    @bijan888 /

    Do ✨YOU✨ have any wonderfully meaningless tattoos? If you do, please please PLEASE send us pics and a quick background story (if necessary) in the DropBox below! Maybe — just MAYBE — we'll share some of them!!!!!!!

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