Travis Barker's Son Posted This TikTok From His Dad And Kourtney Kardashian's Engagement Dinner, And It Feels Like We Were All Actually There???

    "This feels illegal to see we're literally at the dinner table."

    As you probably know, one of Hollywood's most esteemed and infamously h-word couplesKourtney Kardashian and Travis Barkergot engaged last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Travis and Kourtney embracing on the red carpet

    The two announced their roses-and-candles-clad oceanfront engagement in two very sweet Instagram posts, with Kourt posting this:

    And Travis reposted it on his IG story, writing "FOREVER." We love to see it!!!

    It seems like later that evening, there was some sort of celebratory dinner with family and friends, because many Kardashian-adjacent folks shared pics and videos of the new fiancés on their stories. For instance, Kendall posted this pic of the Ring™, and Travy reposted:

    But another cute moment from the night was when Travis's son, Landon, posted this TikTok from the dinner:

    In the TikTok, Kourtney and Travis can be seen embracing, and they seem just as happy as can be. Brings a tear to me eye!!!

    Kourtney and Travis embracing

    I mean, come ON!!!!!!!! 😭💖😭💖😭

    Kourtney and Travis embracing

    You can also briefly see Travis's daughter, Alabama, Kim, and a cameraperson in attendance.

    Table with lots of flowers and person with a camera in background

    And at the end, Landon himself seems to give his own stamp of approval with this thumbs-up.

    Landon smiling and giving a thumbs-up

    Thank you, Landon, for letting us all experience what sitting at that table must've felt like.

    And congrats to the happy couple!!! I fully support this union and wish them nothing but joy and happiness FOREVA and EVAAAAA!!!!!!!! 💖💖💖

    Kourtney and Travis embracing on the beach

    May your vibes always be just living life!!!!!!!!!!