Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Look Might Be A Nod To An Old "Playboy" Shoot, And It Proves Just How Far She's Come

    Real fans know!

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    So, you DEFINITELY saw Miss Kimberly Noel Kardashian's Met Gala look last night — it was, indubitably, a slay.

    Miss Kimberly Noel Kardashian on the Met carpet last night

    For this year's theme of "Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty," Kim wore a tan corset literally DRENCHED in pearls to honor the late (and lest we forget, extremely problematic) designer.

    When asked about the inspo behind her look on the Vogue red carpet livestream, Kim said: "I thought, What is more Karl? You know, the iconic Chanel pearls is what I always thought of. So we wanted to just be dripping in pearls."

    Kim dripping in pearls on the top and bottom of her corset last night
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    Like, yes, okay, absolutely. But as I kept up-and-downing Kim's dress, I realized that I'd seen her in this before...........

    That's right. Her ICONIC 2007 Playboy photoshoot as seen on Keeping Up with The Kardashians!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yup, the infamous one that gave us, "You're doing amazing, sweetie."

    For comparison, here's Kim at last night's Met Gala:

    And here she is at the Playboy shoot:

    Kim at the photoshoot with her hair down and not as many pearls

    Met Gala:


    Met Gala:


    Kim holding up pearls in her hands

    But like, about leveling up. Talk about full circle. Talk about HONORING 👏 ONE'S 👏 BEGINNINGS. 👏

    Say whatever you want about the Kardashian/Jenners, but they KNOW how to make a Media Moment™, baby!!!

    Kris Jenner holding long pearl necklaces as Kim looks on before the photoshoot

    And Kim? You're still doing amazing, sweetie.

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