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    Jonathan Van Ness's Latest Instagram Is The Valentine's Day Inspo We All Need

    "Hunny news flash you’re whole."

    By now, we all know Jonathan van Ness: Queer Eye star, podcast king, cat daddy, and more recently, amateur figure skater. 💁

    JVN has always been quite the advocate for self-love, so for Valentine's Day, he took to Instagram to tell all of us Singles™ exactly what we needed to hear.

    "We are taught so much to find value in everything outside ourselves," he wrote. "The validation of others or in this case the validation of 'the one' that will make you whole. Hunny news flash you’re whole,"

    He went on to offer this v true relationship insight that a lot of us tend to forget: "The ones paired up may or may not be happy & his ass was definitely on some other shit in my experience." Like, GO 👏 OFF!!!!!!! 👏

    And this? I needed this on a motivational poster in my first grade classroom: "So here’s the deal. Don’t let yourself feel some kind of way; we all know comparison is that gurl doing the most while doing the least."

    He even got a little personal, speaking to his recent relationship that ended back in December: "I almost came undone, but guess what? She didn’t. And neither will you, love you, this holiday is stupid."

    So in conclush, we all need to harness JVN's ferocious self-love energy today (and EVERY DAY!!!!!!) and love our whole-ass selves this Valentine's Day.

    That's all. Happy Valentine's Day, my loves!!!!!! 💖💖💖