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Joe Biden's Dogs Already Have Fan Accounts On Instagram

Let's get #DOTUS trending, people!!!

This is Champ.

Champ chilling on a rug

And this is Major.

Major with a toy in his mouth

And if you didn't already know, their dad is Joe Biden — yes, BRAND-NEW PRESIDENT-ELECT JOE BIDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe Biden pointing with a huge smile on his face

You know what that means — JOE'S TAKIN' THESE BIG OL' BOOFERS TO THE WHITE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it didn't take long for there to be unofficial fan accounts made for these very photogenic dogs!

You heard me: @First_Dogs_USA is now LIVE, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

According to their bio, Champ and Major love "nom noms, snuggles, and can't wait to explore the White House!"

Champ and Major (and their doggo language-savvy PR team) are clearly fans of lots and lots of "paw" puns, and have even coined the term #DOTUS (Dogs of the United States, obviously), which is quite catchy, if you ask me!!!

🐾 We can’t wait until Inpawguration Day! Especially Major, because he hasn’t been to the White House yet. So It’s going to be my respawnsibility to show him around, as I know all the best spots and where to get treats from. Woof! #DOTUS #FirstDogs

Oh, right! And the fandom also exists on on Twitter with the same username!!! They shared this precious Champ #TBT there!

🐾 We’re so proud of our dad @JoeBiden, the first ever presidential candidate to receive 75 million votes. But Major will be setting a record of his own as he's the first ever rescue pupper to live in the WH. We’re gonna play all day & receive countless treats! #DOTUS #FirstDogs

As the account points out, Major is set to be the White House's FIRST-EVER SHELTER RESCUE PUP, too!

Talk about living the American Dream™, BABY!!!!!!! *finger guns*

Major looking on with astonishment

Major said, "Get in, sweaty, we're going to the White House!!!!!!! xx 😌😘💅."

Joe and Major walking

So yeah, this — yes, THIS — is the future liberals want! 😌

Anywhooooo, just thought you might be in need of some more dogs to follow! Check out @First_Dogs_USA on Instagram and Twitter for instant serotonin!!!

Champ and Major next to a chalk drawing of a heart that says "Joe and Jill" inside of it


This post has been updated to reflect that these accounts are fan accounts, not official ones, and that while Major will be the first shelter dog to live in the white house, he is not the first rescue.