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    15 Anti-Jessica Tweets For Anyone Who's Ever Crossed Paths With A Jessica

    Yes, this also applies to all Jessica-adjacent names, i.e. Jess, Jessie, Gesika...


    girls who will absolutely ruin your life: -girls with a septum piercing -girls that wear chunky filas -girls that don’t wear bras to class -girls named Jessica that divorced me and took the kids and won’t even let me see them on Christmas -girls that work at spencer’s


    what's your sleep style? like for instance I sleep like a starfish and my ex slept with a girl named Jessica


    We all know a girl with a fake Michael kors bag named Jessica


    Why do all girls named Jessica like horses


    I can't wait to have kids so I can teach them lessons like how you shouldn't pee into the wind and not to trust girls named Jess or Alexis


    all cocker spaniels look like girls named jessica don’t ask me why that’s just the way it is


    Girls named Jessica definitely know how to fight


    just shotgunned a beer while wearing a ZTA shirt do any girls named jessica wanna go out with me


    I just saw the name Jessica spelled like "Gesika," so I think I'm done with humans now. It's been real.


    no one: girl who won’t stop loudly sipping the melted ice in her starbucks drink that she finished an hour ago: my name is jessica but my boyfriend calls me a brat💅🏻😌


    if my name was Jessica my only pickup line would be "say yes to the Jess"


    y’all fall for this crap every year. and every year professional astrologers tell y’all to not believe this, but you still let a news article written by some girl named jessica who only knows her sun sign cause an ex boyfriend who’s ~spiritual~ asked her one night


    $10 to any the 1975 stan who’s name isn’t holly, olivia, mia, ava, sophie, jessica, emily or abigail


    Spring Break Essentials: -bikini -beers!!! -1 ghost named "Jason" -17 tractors -Jessica -staircase -real couches -a boy named Brenda


    when i asked my mom why she never gave me an american/european name she said "white ppl names dont mean anything. so many white men named rich. but are they rich? they are rich in nothing. they are miserable" and thats why im bao and not like, jessica

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