I Went To A "Face Gym" And Now I Only Answer To The Name "Discount Bella Hadid"

    This is for anyone who's ever broken a jade roller.

    Hi people!!! I'm Syd, I write for BuzzFeed and live in New York City with my lil' puggaccini carbonara named Phoebe.

    The other day, I was doing my regular rounds of watching hot people's stories on Instagram when I became particularly fixated on this one of Bella Hadid's.

    As someone who has a messed up jaw thanks to TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disfunction) as well as sinus issues AND persistent acne, I was ***VERY*** interested in whatever was going on here.

    I immediately did a deep dive and learned that Bella's go-to esthetician, Madalaina Conti, is the national training manager at something called FaceGym.

    FaceGym is a spa/gym(?) experience and their slogan is "It's not a facial, it's a workout." I'm not really sure how else to describe this place, but I knew I had to see if FaceGym was actually worth Bella Hadid's ~Insta clout~. So I went!!! 😌💅✨

    When I got there, I got suited up in a FaceGym headband to keep my Bangs™ out of my face, took off my face mask (all workers wore face masks and all clients were easily more than six feet apart, JSYK!) and took this absolutely heinous "Before" picture, which I truly cannot believe I'm posting on the internet!!!!!!!!!!!!

    To start, my girl Kelly applied some gentle cleanser to my face and then began "stretching" my face with this rubber ball.

    I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next up was this ol' pinch 'n' flick massage, which brought us into the "Cardio" section of the workout.

    And this one? Ooooooh...THIS!!! ONE!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    After ✨Cardio✨, it was then time to ✨Sculpt✨.

    Then it was time for the first of the main attractions: the Pure Lift!!!!!!

    To show me the difference, Kelly did the right side of my face (your left, dear reader) first. I then polled my Instagram followers to see if they saw a difference, and here are the results of that:

    An Instagram poll asking "Do you notice a difference between the two sides?"  and two answers of "I actually do" with 69%, and "it's just the general facial asymmetry for me" with 31%

    But then I was like, maybe my general facial asymmetry is throwing me off??? So THEN I compared the right side of my face before the Pure Lift to the same side after, and I think it actually looks pretty different!!!!!!!!

    Anywho, moving on! It was time for the Big Kahuna — the treatment Bella Hadid likes, apparently — the Cryo Contour!!!!!!!!!

    Lastly, we finished off with the Multi-Sculpt again, but this time, for lymphatic drainage.

    OK, so here are my ✨final thoughts✨.

    So, what do you guys think? Would you try FaceGym? Tell me in the comments!!!!!!!!