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This Girl On TikTok Is Teaching Us All Sorts Of Tricks To Manipulate Your Instagram Algorithm, And The FBI Needs Her

"For legal reasons, this is a ✨joke✨."

Hi, guys. This is Margaux Cody, aka TikTok user @margauxrita_, and she's about to be your new queen.

Margaux started this hilariously brilliant series where she welcomes you to "Toxic TikTok" — which obviously comes with a disclaimer and is "a joke for legal reasons" — and teaches you all sorts of hacks. Like, these are full-on, in-depth how-tos!!!


She shares tips for all kinds of social media "skills", like ways to get people to respond to your stories:

Here's how: "Find his Spotify account if he has one and look through his recently played songs, look through his playlists, see what kind of music he likes, and use them in your stories so he replies."

How to boost your posts to the top of people's Insta feed:

Here's how: "First you're gonna post your story and go to the bottom and tap where it says 'More' with the three dots, then tap 'Story Settings.' You're gonna 'Hide' your story from him, which is essentially blocking him. Do this for about 5–10 seconds and then 'Unhide' him. This will boost you to the front of the line whenever he views stories on Instagram."

Ways to see if they're talking to someone else:

Here's how: "Casually ask for his phone and obviously don't tell him what you're doing. Find a way to access the keyboard from the lock screen (on iPhone, it's the 'Today's View' page) and look at his recent emojis from the emoji keyboard. If you see certain suggestive emojis that he doesn't really send you, then he's sending them to someone else."

And of course, how to read their DMs without them seeing that you've opened the DMs:

Here's how: "Go to the person who DM'ed you's page and tap the three dots at the top of their profile. You'll get some choices and you're gonna choose 'Restrict.' This sends their DM straight to your requests inbox. Now that you've restricted this individual, they will not know if you're online or if you've read any of their messages."

Once again, thank you, Margaux, and all of Gen Z for possessing the greatest minds and for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us.


Oh, and ladies — be sure to keep up with Margaux and her "hacks" here!!! 💅💖✨