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Hotel Employees, What's A Secret Your Guests Would Be Shocked To Know?

We wanna hear the *WOOOORST* of all the secrets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People who work in the hospitality business have definitely experienced their fair share of [redacted] — and have kept some pretty grim secrets. Like, it's kind of atrocious.

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So if YOU have ever worked in a hotel — specifically as a member of the cleaning staff — we want to hear about the worst, weirdest, and GROSSEST secrets you've been forced to keep.


Like maybe you work room service and instead of buying or bringing lunch every day, you pick off of the guests' plates before they get sent up to their suites.


Or perhaps you were told not to change the sheets if the room already looked clean.

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Or maaaaaybe you were a housekeeper and you guys literally NEVER removed stains, and instead, just moved the furniture around to hide them.

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So if you've worked at a hotel and have kept some *UNTHINKABLE* secrets, tell us about them in the DropBox below. Our favorites may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!!!!!!!