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28 Mental Health Charts That Literally Every Last One Of Us Can Benefit From

You never know when you or someone you know might need them.

1. This guide on the benefits of a good cry:

2. This chart of emotional overlaps, brought to you by the characters from Inside Out:

3. This chart to help you stay centered even in today's political climate:

4. These tell-tale signs of anxiety:

5. This list of routines that may help mental health:

Credit: The Fabulous https://www.thefabulous.co/

6. This list of things to say to someone who is going through something mentally:

7. And what NOT to say:

8. This full chart of emotions to help you label exactly how you're feeling:

9. This countdown visual on some ways to take care of yourself:

10. Signs to help you recognize a mentally abused brain:

11. This helpful guide on when and when not to say you're sorry:

12. These charts to help understand some of the lesser-known depression symptoms:

13. And those of anxiety too:

14. These 10 ways to build relationships with kids (but really, with adults too):

15. This checklist to help you determine who and what you wish to follow on social media:

16. How to set boundaries, for anyone who might be feeling a little drained:

17. This handy chart on phrases you can say to avoid toxic positivity:

18. This illustration that goes deeper (literally) into recognizing the root of anger:

19. This mood meter to help you visualize what you're feeling:


Credit: https://www.instagram.com/thepresentpsychologist/

21. This diagram on different types of tired so you can properly articulate how you're feeling:

22. This chart on little ways to not be so hard on yourself 💖:

23. These how-tos of modeling healthy disagreements:

24. How to speak in a way that makes others more receptive:

25. This pain scale, but for emotional well-being:

26. This chart that directly calls out unhealthy ways of thinking so you can identify and address them:

27. This illustration of hobbies that could potentially help get you out of your head:

28. This list of anxiety management strategies:

29. And lastly, this control wheel to remind you of what's in your power in these times:

H/T: r/coolguides