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16 Really Good (And Not At All Bad) Things That Happened This Week

Aaaah, the good stuff!!!

1. This week, this artist painted THIS and suddenly we're all inquiring about her rates!!!!!!!!

i had a lot of fun painting this commission for bestie🤍

2. These two did the right thing and looked cute while doing it!!!

My 2.5 year-old wore a mask for about 3 hours straight today. Didn’t take it off for a second, or complain. I explained the importance, and how we wear it to keep EVERYBODY safe. Apparently my toddler exhibits a level of empathy, maturity, and respect that grown adults cannot.

3. This three-legged bb got a new Lego Leg™!!!!!!!!!

4. These pigeons HAD 👏 ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

5. This daughter made the ***PERFECT*** trainer for her mom!!!!!!!

So, a few weeks ago I explained to my 4-year-old how hard it is for me to workout sometimes. She offered to be my trainer so she could motivate me. I must say she’s a kid of her word. She keeps me going.. ❤️😩😂

6. This guy showed kids that art is a real career possibility:

7. This kid's Thomas the Tank Engine bed proved to be extremely, extremely harrowing:

My son has a Thomas the Train bed and now I’ll never sleep again

8. This lil' birb felt very inspired by this water bottle:

Came across this tiktok, and i need everyone to see this 🥺🥺

9. Braylon here tried to deceive all of us into thinking he's not a middle-aged man:

So we got Braylon his own recliner chair and please look at this grown man in a babies body...😭😭😭

10. These kitters found very nice headrests:

11. AOC said FIGHT 👏 FOR 👏 OTHERS 👏 AND 👏 LET 👏 THE 👏HATERS 👏 STAY 👏 MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

12. This bunny enjoyed a lil' snacc:

13. This family proved that masks, social distancing, and frankly, just being respectful of others actually works:

my older brother tested positive for COVID. I was in the same house as him. He isolated in his office & used a diff bathroom. We wore masks, frequently washed our hands and wiped things down. He recovered & we all tested negative. Masks work. Social distancing works.

14. This meteorite crashed into the ground and subsequently took a lil' nap:

We only rate dogs. This is a meteorite that has fallen from a clearly superior part of the galaxy. Please only send dogs. Thank you... 14/10

15. This bear enjoyed this family's patio furniture!!!!!!!!!!

I interrupt your Monday morning to share with you a bear, sitting in a chair. Taken this morning at my parents’ house in NJ — I’m still recovering.

16. And lastly, these high school sweethearts got engaged!!!!!!! 😭😭😭


My brother proposed to his high school sweetheart last night 💕💍#proposal #fyp #viral

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