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16 Really Good (And Not At All Bad) Things That Happened This Week

Aaaah, the good stuff!!!

Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

1. This week, this artist painted THIS and suddenly we're all inquiring about her rates!!!!!!!!

i had a lot of fun painting this commission for bestie🤍

2. These two did the right thing and looked cute while doing it!!!

My 2.5 year-old wore a mask for about 3 hours straight today. Didn’t take it off for a second, or complain. I explained the importance, and how we wear it to keep EVERYBODY safe. Apparently my toddler exhibits a level of empathy, maturity, and respect that grown adults cannot.

3. This three-legged bb got a new Lego Leg™!!!!!!!!!

My friend’s kid used Lego Technics to build a new leg for his three-legged dog, Norman. from aww

4. These pigeons HAD 👏 ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

5. This daughter made the ***PERFECT*** trainer for her mom!!!!!!!

So, a few weeks ago I explained to my 4-year-old how hard it is for me to workout sometimes. She offered to be my trainer so she could motivate me. I must say she’s a kid of her word. She keeps me going.. ❤️😩😂

6. This guy showed kids that art is a real career possibility:


#elementaryschool #kids #art #mural #panther #abstractdissent

♬ original sound - abstractdissent

7. This kid's Thomas the Tank Engine bed proved to be extremely, extremely harrowing:

My son has a Thomas the Train bed and now I’ll never sleep again

8. This lil' birb felt very inspired by this water bottle:

Came across this tiktok, and i need everyone to see this 🥺🥺

9. Braylon here tried to deceive all of us into thinking he's not a middle-aged man:

So we got Braylon his own recliner chair and please look at this grown man in a babies body...😭😭😭

10. These kitters found very nice headrests:

11. AOC said FIGHT 👏 FOR 👏 OTHERS 👏 AND 👏 LET 👏 THE 👏HATERS 👏 STAY 👏 MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

12. This bunny enjoyed a lil' snacc:

13. This family proved that masks, social distancing, and frankly, just being respectful of others actually works:

my older brother tested positive for COVID. I was in the same house as him. He isolated in his office & used a diff bathroom. We wore masks, frequently washed our hands and wiped things down. He recovered & we all tested negative. Masks work. Social distancing works.

14. This meteorite crashed into the ground and subsequently took a lil' nap:

We only rate dogs. This is a meteorite that has fallen from a clearly superior part of the galaxy. Please only send dogs. Thank you... 14/10

15. This bear enjoyed this family's patio furniture!!!!!!!!!!

I interrupt your Monday morning to share with you a bear, sitting in a chair. Taken this morning at my parents’ house in NJ — I’m still recovering.

16. And lastly, these high school sweethearts got engaged!!!!!!! 😭😭😭


My brother proposed to his high school sweetheart last night 💕💍#proposal #fyp #viral

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