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    18 Times People Roasted Men On Twitter Just To My Liking

    Men, if this hits a little too close to home...good.

    If you're anything like me, you very much enjoy a light roasting of the Males™. Especially on Twitter!

    So, for your viewing pleasure, I've compiled some of my favorite roast tweets about guys by some hilarious Twitter folks. Enjoy, girls and gays!!! 😌💕


    men are so easy. all I have to say is “damn your hand so big” and he’s taking his clothes off

    Twitter: @with_pha


    men on dating apps be like “I’m 6’2 if that matters” and I’m like bro ur wearing a Rick & Morty shirt, ur making me 6’2 my stomach

    Twitter: @Iuvwooyoungie


    I refuse to believe men being unable to find the clitoris is actually a thing. You open it up and it’s literally right there like a video game boss critical hit zone.

    Twitter: @maximbepis


    is there a scientific explanation for why all men are color blind? did it have something to do with them not being the ones that had to look for berries and shit 😭

    Twitter: @eraxtrana


    "men don't gossip" ok explain the transfer window

    Twitter: @ameliadimz


    men take one good picture and coast on that shit for 5 years

    Twitter: @SydneyBattle


    turns out three men talking at the same time is my least favorite sound

    Twitter: @cd0yl3


    new chapstick for men just dropped

    Twitter: @motiroti_


    men don’t believe in astrology but believe shit like this

    Twitter: @iluvdiIfs


    If we hadn’t let men who have been in fraternities do politics our country would be 100+ years more advanced

    Twitter: @cameron_kasky


    men hate on astrology but be on 2k building they dream man..

    Twitter: @leanwdafanta


    men be at house parties saying "this song was on fifa"

    Twitter: @valyeeet


    Rap beef is funny when you think about it. Two (or more) grown men so angry they are driven to recite poetry over an instrumental.

    Twitter: @Wildebee_


    men be like “i can’t commit” and then stay friends with the worst people their whole lives

    Twitter: @PallaviGunalan


    we put the first man on the moon YEARS ago. why did we stop. why did we Not continue to put the rest of the men there. explain ?

    Twitter: @hannahgordon_


    I went on a date with a guy who said he was 6’2. I would just like to announce that I too am 6’2 apparently.

    Twitter: @kchamps613


    Men's midlife crises are intensely boring they just get an expensive bike and marry a 30 year old version of the same wife whereas women do fucken cool stuff like open owl cafes, retrain as beekeepers and get phds in necromancy.

    Twitter: @kingstonwrites

    18. And lastly:

    Anyone who think men are complex creatures is an idiot

    Twitter: @BigTucsonDad

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