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    23 Tweets That Hilariously Dragged Men This Month

    Time to laugh in the face of patriarchy!

    Here are a bunch of tweets from this month that 1) lightly roasted men and 2) made me giggle while on the clock. If you think these are funny, be sure to follow the accounts to make your Twitter timeline a funnier place! 😌



    if a man tells a joke and it’s funny i’ll wait until i get home to laugh


    So horny I let him explain stocks


    men will be like “I don’t like drama” but then go to war


    Men really think it's okay to live like this


    tf is wrong with manslaughter? are men not allowed to laugh🤨


    Travis Scott should collab with a psychologist so all you men would finally go to therapy


    men being silent during sex is so funny to me like what’s on your mind king


    A boy becomes a man when he unfollows barstool


    boys say girls are dramatic but have you ever plucked a guys eyebrow? they act like they’ve been shot


    there should be a chip installed in mens eyes so that when they stare at me for longer than 2 seconds they automatically deposit a fee of $10 into my account


    i hope his charger only works at a certain angle


    Guys will be like “show me” when you’re mid-sexting them and it’s like, bb I’m at Whole Foods with my mom it’s 2pm...did u think...i was masturbating rn???


    girls don’t want boys, girls want the giant 12 ft tall skeleton from Home Depot


    men who don’t speak be cooI af like you know what Ferb i fuck with you


    “if I could play devils advocate for a second” dude just let me talk to the devil himself u are so annoying


    All straight men do is treat superior women like shit and struggle understanding simple board game rules


    Men get their haircut & suddenly they got 20 errands to run. Get your ass back in the house whore.


    once they turn 20, every man chooses one pre-socratic philosopher and one early soviet theorist to base their personality around


    “Men will make fun of women who like astrology while managing a fake football team.” 😭😭😭


    Men always love the ugliest photos of you


    men fall asleep so quick bro what’s the secret 😭


    WOMEN: When I had my IUD inserted, I blacked out from the pain but it wasn't a big deal MEN: Condoms are uncomfy :( If I have to wear one, this is going to be the worst day of my life :(


    when women say “i hate men” we don’t mean you, unless you get offended then yes we do mean you

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