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    21 Poorly Designed Signs That I'm Actually Kinda Obsessed With

    If you've been looking for a sign, NONE OF THESE ARE IT.

    1. This airport bathroom that's bound to cause some confusion:

    Just watched a guy go into the wrong bathroom at Toronto Pearson Airport. He was looking at the top sign. from CrappyDesign

    2. This motivational sign for corporate:

    This new wall art in my office. from CrappyDesign

    3. Three(?) Bells:

    I mean it's self explanatory and they failed. from CrappyDesign

    4. This warning:

    It's Pretty Good Advice from CrappyDesign

    5. "No" ❤️:

    Trying to figure out what this sign means for the past 5 years from CrappyDesign

    6. This Panda Garden, with some nice "panda" imagery:

    A beautiful image of a panda on this sign from CrappyDesign

    7. This sign for free $1 coffee!!!!!!!

    "You're gonna pay for that free coffee, aren't you?" from CrappyDesign

    8. Finger licking Anu's Kitchen:

    Should PROBABLY put a little more emphasis on the apostrophe. from CrappyDesign

    9. This plaque commemorating the one, the only...World War 11 😌:

    I guess my world history class skipped quite a bit from CrappyDesign

    10. Hmmm!

    EXPERIENCE from CrappyDesign

    11. This petition to help end children 😌:

    Found at the DMV from CrappyDesign

    12. ✨TRUCK✨:

    I've been going past this sign for at least 5 years and have yet to figure out its meaning from CrappyDesign

    13. This inclusive message to the youth:

    At first glance, the white lettering on this Pride poster at my high school blends in with the yellow background. Changes the meaning drastically. from CrappyDesign

    14. BEANRA, obvi 😌:

    This acronym for some student association plastered all over the college from CrappyDesign

    15. LOW 👏 SODIUM!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    low sodium from CrappyDesign

    16. This charming puzzle piece analogy:

    they just don't go together from CrappyDesign

    17. S(hoes):

    The ‘S’ is a little hard to see from a distance from CrappyDesign

    18. WELCOME SHORPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Welcome Shorpers from CrappyDesign

    19. And, of course, SMNOKINOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Sign SMNOKINOG from CrappyDesign

    20. .........:

    The marketing for the local newspaper doesn't quite understand the idiom from CrappyDesign

    21. And lastly, this 😌:

    Actually, on second thought, I’m not so hungry from CrappyDesign

    H/T r/CrappyDesign

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