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17 Pictures That Are So Dumb, They're Actually Unthinkably Brilliant

"That's so dumb, yet so ingenious..." —You, right now

1. This Apple Watch screensaver that I hate/love:

hmmm from hmmm

2. This mystical ✨Pogo Plunger✨:

hmmm from hmmm

3. This completely dad-ified "Nintendo Switch" 😌:

The kids have been asking, dad is delivering. Christmas is going to be great... from funny

4. These rubber chickens, only for parking:

hmmm from hmmm

5. This finger hand that ~lent a hand~:

hmmm from hmmm

6. This absolutely groundbreaking use of a slipper as a cat pope hat:

hmmm from hmmm

7. This m'lighter™!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

M’lighter from ATBGE

8. This inventive yet accessible fish measuring system:

Teach a man to fish... Then tattoo his leg from ATBGE

9. This "repair":

hmmm from hmmm

10. This culinary marvel that is salad lasagne:

Salad lasagne from ATBGE

11. I'm sure you've heard of "hot dog legs." Well, let me raise you one — BENT FINGERS AND ISLAND SCREENSAVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hmmm from hmmm

12. These Finger Hands™ for Finger Hands™:

Now introducing finger hands for finger hands from ATBGE

13. This savory take on a classic dessert:

My sausage and mashed potato birthday cake from ATBGE

14. This upside-down car with the top down!!!!!!!!

This upside down truck. from ATBGE

15. This knight in cardboard armor:

This cardboard armor from ATBGE

16. This reimagining of the classic Christmas tree:

hmmm from hmmm

17. And lastly, this FedEx person who has jokes. Clearly:

H/T r/hmmm and r/ATBGE

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