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    19 Design Fails That Are So Truly Bad, They Actually Itch Your Brain In Just The Right Way

    It's ✨CAMP!!!✨

    1. First up, we have this very logical and not-at-all-erratic weekly layout:

    The day layout of these pills from CrappyDesign

    2. "BEANRA" 😌:

    This acronym for some student association plastered all over the college from CrappyDesign

    3. This absolutely disgraceful ruse from Firefighter Kevin:

    This one was a real brain teaser… from CrappyDesign

    4. These windows? ✨Camp!✨

    How do you like your windows? from CrappyDesign

    5. This mug.........👍:

    It’s supposed to say “heroes” lol from CrappyDesign

    6. The ultimate shop for any Starw Arst fan!

    “Hey mom, can we go to the STARW ARST O RE?” from CrappyDesign

    7. This identity crisis, indeed:

    I think the steak house I went to is going through an identity crisis. from CrappyDesign

    8. This sign that is very much so open for interpretation at this point:

    I've been going past this sign for at least 5 years and have yet to figure out its meaning from CrappyDesign

    9. ✨ S P R O N C ✨:

    Hello SPRONC from CrappyDesign

    10. This kitschy beach sign that feels more like an optical illusion, and I have to respect it!

    My mum bought this at a home decor shop years ago. I never read what it’s intended to say from CrappyDesign

    11. ..........:

    I was having a good day until I went to the supermarket. from CrappyDesign

    12. This Dindow™(???):

    Door? No! Window? Also no! from CrappyDesign

    13. This mask that did our girl Elsa oh-so-dirty 😔:

    Looks good on the package, not so much when worn from CrappyDesign

    14. This lil' Photoshop mishap that just doesn't sit right with me!

    Kix cereal box has a masked out spoon to give the illusion there’s cereal on top. from CrappyDesign

    15. This elevator that somehow manages to activate all of my anxious tendencies at once:

    I’m having an aneurysm just looking at this from CrappyDesign

    16. This illustration that feels more like a vague threat???

    People wearing face masks looking like monsters from CrappyDesign

    17. "Open! Nope? Nope. Open!"

    So are you open or nope? from CrappyDesign

    18. This "shark":

    Got this cool temporary tattoo from CrappyDesign

    19. And finally, this dollar store swan floaty that I have come to empathize with:

    This $4 swan pool float from the dollar store from CrappyDesign

    H/T r/CrappyDesign

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