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    17 Christmas Decorations That Were Soooo Good, They Immediately Went Viral

    🎵Oh, rubber glove Christmas tree, oh, rubber glove Christmas tree...🎵

    1. This absolutely Yodalicious tree topper:

    2. This Christmas tree compromise:

    3. This effective use of Night Mode:

    4. This sisterly holiday love!!!!!!!!!!

    5. This light-up fox decor that attracted an ~admirer~:

    I saw this on Facebook captioned ‘I think someone has a crush on our Christmas decoration’ and I felt Twitter needed to see too 😭😭😭

    6. This prank ornament that's gone incognito for years now:

    7. This neighbor's Grinch-esque innovation:

    8. Yup:

    9. This festively decked out prosthetic!!!!!!!!

    10. This Grade A effort 😌:

    11. This NSFW forest friends decor:

    12. These accidentally ominous nutcrackers:

    13. This paramedic-ified Christmas tree!!!!!!

    14. This decor that screams, "Die Hard, but decorate harder":

    15. And yet another Die Hard reference, of course:

    16. This last-minute ✨Christmasification!!!!!!!!!✨

    17. And lastly, this ingenious office Scrooge!!!!!!!