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    17 Funny Breakup Tweets That'll Make You Want A Significant Other Just So You Can Dump Them

    "Guess who woke up to 17 missed calls from their ex? ...My ex."


    dating my last boyfriend was like being on the bachelor but not knowing I was on the bachelor


    pro tip: instead of dyeing your hair when you break up with someone, just cut off the exact length of his dick so you can caption your selfie “not gonna miss those 6 inches, Mike”



    My ex texted me Iast night and said she couldn’t sIeep... I told her to Iook up Isaiah 48:22 //there is no rest for the wicked// lmao Ieave me aIone


    Girls talking in the bathroom after one of them threw a drink in her ex boyfriends face


    Guess who woke up to 17 missed called from their ex? My ex


    my mom got divorced and bought a new house and car in two days. I went through a breakup and laid in bed for 3 months but ok mom!!!


    Me: should I just text him again? everyone:


    One time my ex was really mad at me after we broke things off & he sent me this & never talked to me again


    a woman came into the salon today to get a blow out and her makeup done the occasion? she's breaking up with her boyfriend tonight


    Me and my girlfriend dated once when we were younger and now again as adults (9 years apart) I dumped her in a text when we were 17 and anytime we watch a movie that is ab breakups she still will say “i wonder if he dumps her in a text” girl’s never forget a thing.


    “take your ex back or listen to country music?”


    so I asked my mom why is she still talking to my old boo and she asked me “why are you still talking to my ex husband?”. Ma’am.. that is my father 😂


    my ex just snapchatted me saying “look what I found in my wallet” and it was video of him throwing a Polaroid of me in the trash...... okay JOE ur the weirdo who kept a picture of me in your wallet for a year lmao


    Once I told me ex to slap my face during sex and he said he didn't wanna hurt me, but then cheated on me so I'm confused



    My best friend just stopped sharing her location with me. She’s fucking her ex isn’t she