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    Mar 9, 2018

    19 Female Illustrators You Need To Follow On Insta A πŸ‘ S πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ P πŸ‘

    *smashes that follow button*

    1. Mari Andrew (@bymariandrew)

    2. Frances Cannon (@frances_cannon)

    3. Julie Houts (@jooleeloren)

    4. Ruby Taylor (@rubyst)

    5. Gemma Correll (@gemmacorrell)

    6. Polly Nor (@pollynor)

    7. Evie May Adams (@eviemayadams)

    8. Meredith Wing (@moomooi)

    9. Jeannie Phan (@jeanniephan)

    10. Robin Eisenberg (@robineisenberg)

    11. Melissa Sinclair (@melissa.sinclair)

    13. Maggie Kniffin (@maggiethebear)

    14. Marylou Faure (@maryloufaure)

    15. Julia Bereciartu (@juliabe)

    16. Vivien Mildenberger (@vvberger)

    17. Ilka MΓ©szely (@ilkameszely)

    18. Agathe Sorlet (@agathesorlet)

    19. Bodil Jane (@bodiljane)

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