17 Dumb Yet Hilarious Things That Probably Seemed Like Good Ideas At The Time, But That's Up For Debate

    Not a hacker pretending to be Beyoncé...

    1. Making this ol' switcharoo, and then realizing.......:

    I honestly have no idea why my mother has done this. 🤔

    Twitter: @richie_rich77

    2. This unconventional sandwich consumption method:

    Ate half my sandwich prolly save the other half for later

    Twitter: @normalguycaruso

    3. This hacker's Beyhive-targeted tactic:

    Twitter: @crispypunani

    4. This keyboard:

    5. The general concept of "more milk per milk":

    every time i drink milk i remember my roommate who used to put powdered milk in his milk so he could drink "more milk per milk"

    Twitter: @aedison

    6. This very good, not-at-all-suspicious decoy job:

    Twitter: @Gooooats

    7. Tweeting this thought instead of just letting it exist in your mind:

    Twitter: @jiwoeunn

    8. These Finger Hands™ for Finger Hands™:

    9. This usage of the skull emoji:

    really gotta teach my parents how to use emojis

    Twitter: @kobzilla_001

    10. This creative — and I'll give it to them, sustainable — endeavor:

    11. This form of "protest":

    12. Posting this "deep thought" to the world wide web:

    13. This...uh...different interior design choice!

    14. This mystical ✨Pogo Plunger✨:

    hmmm from hmmm

    15. This eclectic, savory take on a wedding cake:

    16. This affordable and (debatably) foolproof bumper protector:

    hmmm from hmmm

    17. And lastly, this "repair":

    hmmm from hmmm

    H/T to r/ATBGE, r/hmmm, and r/facepalm