19 Dumb Yet Hilarious Things People Probably Regretted Doing

    "Wait, what's it called when the baby debuts?"

    1. This inspirational tattoo:

    2. This "large boulder the size of a small boulder":

    Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely blocking east-bound lane Highway 145 mm78 at Silverpick Rd. Please use caution and watch for emergency vehicles in the area.

    3. This very informative and inarguably accurate history lesson:

    4. This equation that proved math can never be that easy:

    5. He 😌 pooped 😌 the 😌 question 😌:

    6. Mark's "street name":

    7. This disappointed koala mom:

    My girlfriend is currently crying because she thought the $70 she wanted to spend on “adopting” a koala bear from the Australian brush fires was actually going to physically get her a koala bear. Like they would just Fedex that shit to us, and not just her become a sponsor.

    8. This guy who's probably wondering where his keys are:

    9. This? Mom's? Jars?

    I honestly have no idea why my mother has done this. 🤔

    10. This girl wondering about "baby debuts":

    11. This common misconception:

    12. This utter annihilation of the French language:

    13. This absolutely enlightening diary entry:

    I just found my old diary from when I was 9 and by god I was an idiot

    14. "Sour cats trick":

    15. This.........yup!!!

    Guys. Let me tell you what my manager did today. A grown woman, on 6 figure salary. Poured a cup of tea on her work laptop and the keyboard stopped working. I told her to put it in rice. So she went to M&S Please look at this

    16. This rediscovery of FM radio:

    17. This glorious view of the sun!!!!!!!!

    18. This dad redefining music streaming and downloading:

    my dad doesn’t know how to download music to his phone, so he decided the best way to listen to his favorite music is by recording the music videos from the tv on his phone ! 😭🤣

    19. And lastly, "Never do your best — quit!"

    H/T r/ATBGE and r/Facepalm